Addon Configuration Guide

by zUkUu

Download links for the most recent Versions:


2.DrTracker + CCTracker


4.Afflicted 3:



This will only teach you how MY Configuration is made. I'll only hint occasionally at other options, but won't detail them all.
I'm sure you'll find a configuration that fits you best.

-Window / Tab Name-
"Section Name"


OmniCC is an addon that adds a digit count to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they'll be ready for use.
OmniCC should be compatible with any addon that uses a cooldown model (like LoseControl).

Opening command:

· OmniCC needs basically no configuration. However, you can adjust the "Size Threshold" to fit your Debuff Frames.
· "Colors and Scaling" can be customized to adapt your Button Bars.


2.DR/CC Tracker

Shows time left until diminishing returns on enemy/friendly/yourself, as well as how far the spell has diminished. Shows the next diminish,
so for example when a Fear first fades from a player it'll show 50%, once the 2nd one is cast within 15 seconds of the first one fading it'll show 25%,
then 0% and after that you can cast Fear for full duration again.

CC Tracker tracks the basics timers like Shackle, Fears, Roots, Hibernate, Polymorphs, Banish, Sap and so on.

Opening command:
/drtracker ui
/cctracker ui


DR Tracker:

"Show Diminishing Returns for"
· I want only to see the DR of my Enemys that I fear / seduce, so disable "Show friendlies" and "show self".

"Enable DR Tracker inside"
· Enable every Option to show DR Tracker everywhere possible.

"Bar display"
· Check "Show Anchor" and move the Bar to a position you like. (I have it at the left screen edge in the middle.)
· You can choose various textures and scaling options. I use "BantoBar" texture.

-Enemy DR filter-
· Disable every option but Banish and Fears.

CC Tracker:

"Show Anchor"
· Move the bar to a specific position you like. However I redirected it to DR Tracker. (see below)
· Check "Only show trigger name in bars".

"Enable CC tracking for"
· Enable Enemy CC and disable Friendly CC.

"Enable CC Tracker inside"
· Checky every option.

· "Redirect bars to Group" => "DRTracker".
· Rest is the same as DR Tracker.

· You can "Grow display up" to make either DRs or CCs to be at the top and the other below.



LoseControl makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells on your character/target/focus/party by displaying them in
separate cooldown icons onscreen. The icons can be moved, resized, or made transparent. It's also compatible with OmniCC type mods
that display a timer on top of the icon.

Opening command:


· Enable CC and Silence. Disable Root, PvE, Snare and Disarm.

 The following is only for "Style":
· Check "Unlock" and click on the little red "plus" (left side) to expand the Addon Tabs.
· Don't move the Icons! They only for test showing.

· Icon Size: 36px
· Opacity: 100%
· Icon Size: 32px
· Opacity: 0%
· Icon Size: 28px
· Opacity: 0%
-Party 1-4-
· Icon Size: 16px
· Opacity: 0%

· After the configuration, uncheck "Unlock" again (under -LoseControl-).

· If you don't use OmniCC you have to set the Opacity to 100% or you won't see any down counting.


4.Afflicted 3

Afflicted is an enemy spell timer mod for PvP for Cool Downs, Spell Durations and Totems.

Opening command:
/afflicted ui

"Enable inside"
· Again Check everything.

"Bar Only"
· Scroll down and check "Only show triggered name in text".

"Anchor Name"
· Create a new Anchors with the name "Important".
· Click on -Anchors- again and create another one with the name "Silence".
· Under "Display" make the 'Display Type' to Icons.
· Expand the -Anchors- with clicking on the red plus.
· Click on Buffs, Cooldowns,  Damage, Defensive, Interrupts and Spells and uncheck "Enable Anchor" to disable them.

· Expand the Spell Tab.
· Spells that AREN'T LISTED can be added manually by adding the Spell ID under the Tab -Spells-.
· You can get the ID by searching the spell on
· e.g: Spell Reflect would be . The Numer 23920 is its ID.

· You have to make the step below for every spell you want to be shown in IMPORTANT.

One Example:
-Anti Magic Shell-
"Spell timer"
· By UNCHECKING "Disable Duration" you'll ENABLE it.
· Choose under "Anchor" your created bar "Important".

"Spell Cooldown"
· Check "Disable Cool Down" to disable it. I don't want to see the CDs of the spells.

I've made this for these Spells (they should be listed by default):
·Anti-Magic Shell
·Aura Mastery (for Arena)
·Bestial Wrath
·Cloack of Shadows
·Divine Sacrifice (breaks Seduce - for Arena)
·Divine Shield
·Hand of Sacrifice (breaks Seduce - for Arena)
·Ice Block
·PvP Trinket (NOTE: You have to increase the Duration to at least 1 Second.)
·Spell Reflection

· Basically I've every spell that prevent CC on my targets so I can time these.
· YOu can also add other Spells like Shield Wall, WOTF, Dispersion, Pain Suppression etc

For Counterspell and Spell Lock you want to make it this way:

"Spell timer"
· Check "Disable Duration". You don't need it.

"Spell Cooldown"
· Uncheck "Disable Cool Down" to enable it.
· Choose under "Cool Down Anchor" your second created bar "Silence".

· You can also add Spells like Kick, Pummel, Mind Freeze etc. But for me they aren't that important to be worth tracking.

· Check "Show Timer Anchor" and move your anchors to your liking. (Mine: "Important" is right in the middle. "Silence" is some space over my castbar.)


Happy Configurating

so far